To Give or To Sell


Our friend Diana recently came to us with a dilemma.  She is redecorating her home, and decided to sell her old  furniture on Craig’s List.  So far, very Fab & Fru, right?

The other day, Diana’s babysitter, Jessie, mentioned she would be interested buying their old living room couch.  Diana and her family adore Jessie – who is just furnishing her first post-college apartment.  Diana told Jessie that would be great and that instead of the $400 she was going to try sell it for on Craig’s list, she would sell it to Jessie for $200…

Diana’s husband, Joe, was mortified and thinks they should just give the couch to Jessie if she wants it – not sell it to her!  After all, she is 22, just starting out and has very little money. Plus, she does so much for their family he thought it would be a nice gesture.  Diana disagrees and says she thinks it’s enough to offer her a 50% discount to what she would have asked on Craig’s list.  She loves Jessie but doesn’t think she owes her a free couch!

So – what do you think – is Diana right? Or do you think they should just give her the couch? What would you do?


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2 Responses to “To Give or To Sell”

  1. Molly says:

    I don’t think there’s any real right or wrong here. Also, just because Dana is ASKING $400. doesn’t mean she’ll get that, and she could be stuck selling it for less.

    I think there’s no simple answer here. Does Dana give Jessie other things? Does Jessie do favors for the family and go the extra mile? I tend to think that if you have a valued babysitter who’s starting out in adult life, and you don’t need the money for your redecorating project, she should just be given the couch. If Dana is that adamant about selling, then sell for $100.

  2. Sue says:

    I agree with Molly. And if you think about it if the baby sitter is paying you for the couch and you are paying her for her services, it is a wash so if you really want $$ for it why not ask for maybe an evening or 2 of babysitting for free for the couch.

Any Thoughts?