Turning A Blind Eye?

Last night my friend Christy treated me to a delicious thank you dinner for helping her out with a project at work.  When the check arrived, we realized that the waitress hadn’t charged Christy for the $15 glass of wine that she had at the bar before I came to join her.  At first, Christy felt guilty and wanted to tell the waitress about the oversight, but then ultimately decided that it wasn’t such a big deal… and maybe the waitress had just decided to comp her wine?!

For karma sake, I thought Christy should have been honest and said something (the waitress probably would have comped her the glass anyway), but because she was treating me to dinner, I felt the decision to say something was ultimately hers.

What do you think?  Should Christy have told the waitress about the wine, or was it okay to turn a blind eye to a small mistake in her financial favor?

Tell us what you think!

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4 Responses to “Turning A Blind Eye?”

  1. Kennedy says:

    She should have definitely said something. Unless you are sure you informed the waitress she may have assumed you settled your tab at the bar. The tab may have still been under the bartender and the bartender would have been responsible for the bill. I’m a bartender, shame.

  2. Louie says:

    honesty is your best policy. Always. You wouldn’t have ordered the wine if you didn’t intended to pay for it or couldn’t afford it. It’s also possible that the waitress had to pay for this out of her own pocket, by making this mistake.
    Therefore the definite answer to this question is She should have spoken up and pointed out the error. Was it your place to insist she did? That’s something you’ll have to think about yourself.

  3. Sue says:

    I agree, the waitress should have been told about the error. If you were overcharged for something, I am sure that you would have spoken up. I have many times been given the wrong change, incorrect charges etc. at stores and restaurants and corrected it. Also if you did not get Christy to correct it then it is no different than if you stole something yourself because you did nothing.

  4. louie says:

    Without a doubt it should have been brought to the attention of the waitress. As noted in a comment above, most “walk outs” are the responsibility of the wait staff or bartender in this particular situation. It’s a shame someone else had to pick up the tab. Honesty is always the best policy and in this case, as she was the one scrutinizing the bill, it was her responsibility to point this out.

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