Oversharing – Or Overreacting?


Our friend Liz came to us the other day with a complaint about one of her friends – we’ll call her Mandy.  Mandy is very wealthy and, to her credit, donates a lot of her money to charitable causes.  So far, so good, right?

While Liz admires how much money Mandy donates to charity, she thinks it is reprehensible how she brags (in Liz’s opinion) about it on Facebook.  Mandy posts seemingly every time she makes a donation – for example, “Thrilled to report I just donated 100 Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless!”

Some friends of our agree with Liz, while others think she is totally off base.  Another friend of ours thinks it’s great that Mandy is posting about her good deeds because it might inspire others to do more charitable work.  So – what do you think?  Is it ok to announce how much money you’ve spent if it goes to charity?  Or should Mandy keep her generosity to herself?

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4 Responses to “Oversharing – Or Overreacting?”

  1. Summer says:

    A little of both. I think that Mandy should post that she is donating to a worthy cause…as others may well join in. That said, keep the dollar amount to yourself. I don’t need to know that she donated $100 when I may only donate $5. I think telling an exact number is indeed boastful and in poor taste.

    I have posted several local charity fundraisers that I have contributed to in hopes that others will as well. Time, energy and money are needed and social media is a great way to raise awareness and hopefully funds and volunteers.

  2. Sue says:

    I agree with Summer. Everyone’s ability to donate is different and there is also donating of time versus $$$. Your local humane society may be thrilled with SSSS but they are equally thrilled to have people donate their time, visiting with the animals, walking them etc. It is all very important regardless.

  3. generous says:

    well, is it one of these “auto post” type things? like when i go to a donations per click site, it posts to twitter saying i just saved x children from being hungry. that said, she does not need to post the amount, it’s bragging

  4. Molly says:

    It’s fine for Mandy to post that she’s donated, and agree with Summer that it may inspire others, but I agree it’s best to keep the amount donated to herself.

    That said, who’s going to tell Mandy? (yes, that’s a rhetorical question) What I really mean is, is it Liz’s place to tell Mandy that she should keep the dollar amounts she donates to herself?

    Is it okay for us to play judge and tell our friends what they should, or should not, share on Facebook? How many pictures of your children should be the limit? Do we need to see three pictures a day of your new puppy….your daughter in a tutu, your son’s new bicycle?

    Maybe the world needs an Emily Post (pun intended) on what’s the proper etiquette for social media posts? Other than not exposing information or pix of people they don’t want posted, or slandering, or bullying, there are no rules on what’s right or wrong. Everyone is free to post what they want about themselves, and the rest of us are free to ignore it. :)

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