Party Pooper Penny Pincher?


Sisters, Lucy and Dez decided that they were going to throw a joint after Halloween party Saturday night. Dez is a mom of two, so they agreed to host the festivities at Lucy and her boyfriend Dan’s house. They set a budget and the guest list over a month ago, but it has turned out that most of Dez’s friends won’t be able to make it – and Lucy’s will. While she and her husband still have several friends coming and are excited about the party, Dez wants to renegotiate how much cash she is contributing to the event.

As the younger sibling, Dez is notorious for trying to get out her commitments – and Lucy is notorious for letting her. But this time, Lucy isn’t prepared financially to foot the majority of the bill.  From decorations to catering, the sisters spared no expense, and agreed ahead of time to splitting the tab – and that’s what Lucy thinks is fair.  Plus, she has the added burden of prepping and cleaning up…

Is Dez justified, in asking to contribute less? How should Lucy best handle things so the party is a success and everyone has a fabulous time?

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2 Responses to “Party Pooper Penny Pincher?”

  1. Sue says:

    No Dez is not justified. The person who is actually holding the party at their home has a lot more work than the other sister. It is also not anyone’s fault that many of Dez’s friends are not available to join the party. They made the agreement, they should stand by it. And realistically since Lucy has run into this with Dez before, they should have put the money for the expenses (per the budget) of the party in an account in advance.

  2. Molly says:

    I totally agree with Sue. Dez is not justified and Lucy will have unseen epxenses – such as cleaning supplies, etc. And the decorations remain the same no matter who’s coming.

    Good idea Sue had to put the money in a “kitty” before the invites went out since Lucy knows that Dez will try to get out of paying what she committed to.

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