Tipping On A Hair Redo?

A few days ago, Charley had her hair cut and colored by the same duo who has been styling her hair for years.  She loved her cut, and when her colorist suggested that she wanted to lighten up her ends, Charley agreed to get some highlights – as long as they were subtle.  But once the color processing was over and her hair was styled and dried, Charley noticed that her highlights were so subtle – she couldn’t even see them! However, after three and a half hours in the chair, Charley felt like she couldn’t sit there another minute.  She convinced herself as soon as she washed all the product out of her dark hair, her highlights would be more pronounced.  But even after her shower the next morning, there was still almost zero contrast…

Charley toyed with just letting the whole thing go.  She really did not want to have to spend more time at the salon or expose her hair to more processing, but after spending $125 on her color alone, she felt obligated to get highlights you could actually see. So, she called the salon, told them what happened, and they told her to come in to get them fixed – no problem.

Charley’s redo appointment is at the end of the week. Does she have to tip the colorist and her assistant again for fixing their mistake?  What would you do?  Tell us what you think!

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6 Responses to “Tipping On A Hair Redo?”

  1. Linda I says:

    A tip is to show your appreciation for a job well done. Did she tip them the first time? She shouldn’t have. But if they get it right this time and she hasn’t already tipped them, then she ought to do so. If she tipped them before (doh!) she should just thank them for repairing the problem. A good stylist will do the necessary work to keep a good client.

  2. StephCherie says:

    I do not think you should have to tip for them fixing a mistake.

  3. Adrienne Bliss says:

    Has the world gone more mad than priorly!!! It would be nice to tip the shampoo person. I, being over 70, don’t know what a colorist’s assistant is but if she/her were not reponsible for the under-performance of the process then that person could be tipped.

  4. Simone says:

    I would definitely tip again.
    She told the stylist she wanted subtle highlights and that’s what she got.
    Charley has been going to this colorist for years and therefore she knows Charley’s taste, and probably figured, “better safe than sorry”, and decided to do less than more. She’s now re-doing it at no cost to Charley.
    Technically, tipping on a redo isn’t a “must”, but considering the years of relationship, I think it’s the right thing to do.
    It might turn out that the colorist won’t take the tip, but Charley should make a sincere effort, in my opinion.

    • Mary says:

      If the duo is charging top market prices for their work, I doubt the colorist didn’t notice the highlights couldn’t be seen at all. This is a mistake they shouldn’t have even made. So a tip isn’t required, nor would they fail to understand if you didn’t tip something.

      But, we tip out of guilt. Which is interesting. Tipping was intended to augment the wages of “work well done” for people paid under minimum wage through other legal provisions. My massage therapist earns 80/hr minus overhead, my stylist earns $75 hr for 45 min increments. He recently comped a haircut and I gave a big tip. However, I don’t like it when top paid professionals make mistakes like this.

  5. Sue says:

    If Charley has been going to the same colorist for many years, they know her likes and dislikes. Subtle highlights are not ones that cannot even be seen. No a second tip is not needed and at the prices that she is paying for just a color, ouch. A cut, color or whatever had better be perfection.

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