Shopping On Thanksgiving?


After that last slice of pumpkin pie are you going to chill out on the couch – or hit the mall?  Everyone seems to have an opinion about the growing number of stores opening on Thanksgiving Day – and we’re wondering what you think…

Some of our friends think it’s absolutely horrible that some stores will be open for business on Thanksgiving.  Many bemoan the (further) commercialization of the holiday, while others say that they feel bad for the employees who are working on Thanksgiving Day.  Still others think it’s a great opportunity for workers who want to earn extra money – especially if they are earning holiday rates!

So – what do you think? Will you be heading out to the stores on Thanksgiving Day?  Or does the mere thought of it offend you? Is there a big difference in your mind between shopping on Thanksgiving Day and waiting til 5am the next morning for the Black Friday rush?

Whatever your opinion – we wish you a happy, healthy, and very Fabulous & Frugal Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to “Shopping On Thanksgiving?”

  1. Sue says:

    I think it is terrible that the stores feel the need to stay open much less that people feel that they have to have that deal. I do not Black Friday either. When I was a retail manager Black Friday was nothing like it is today. When they started staying open even short hours on the holidays I did it myself so that the employees who had husbands and children could have that family time. How many of those workers really want to be there versus are drafted by management because they need bodies. Most of the people who I have talked to who had to work on the holiday were not volunteers nor did they want to be there. It is sad that we have Christmas songs and movies are playing before Halloween.

  2. Molly says:

    Agree with Sue. I think it’s just awful that stores do this. Black Friday has turned into Bloody Friday with people getting injured, by mad mobs looking for a bargain. And lining up and camping out in parking lots all night??? It’s sick!.

    Retailers should have their sales on non-holidays and people will still shop.

    I bought someone today (black Friday) online. I’d never set foot in a store today.

Any Thoughts?