Who Pays In A Toddler Faceoff?


Yoga friends Beth and Katherine absolutely love the Mommy & Me class at their favorite yoga studio. But last week when the two ladies were chatting after class, their toddlers got in a scuffle over a toy.  All of a sudden, Katherine’s daughter, Sid, shoved Beth’s son, Marco, into a display of essential oils and creams. Tough guy Marco didn’t even shed a tear when he fell – and a $40 bottle of face cream crashed to the floor.

At first the moms were understandably more worried about their kids and the broken glass than the merchandise itself.  But when the receptionist presented the ladies with a $40 bill, the typically zen vibe of the studio turned sour.  Katherine immediately offered to split the bill with Beth, and Beth begrudgingly agreed.  But after a moment of clarity, Beth became annoyed.

From Beth’s perspective, her child was the one pushed – if anyone was to pay, shouldn’t it be Katherine?  And more importantly, what is a fragile and expensive display doing in an area where children are encouraged to gather?  After the amount of money both she and Katherine pay to go to class twice a week, shouldn’t the studio take some responsibility and absorb the cost of the accident?

What would you do? Should the two ladies keep quiet and split the bill? Should Beth tell Katherine it is her responsibility to pay? Or should the moms talk to the manager, apologize and ask them to child proof their reception area – and say the bill is unfair?

Tell us what you think!


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3 Responses to “Who Pays In A Toddler Faceoff?”

  1. Molly says:

    The yoga studio shouldn’t have delicate glass bottles on a fragile display in an area where children are encouraged to play. But even supposing the area wasn’t supposed to be for children, the yoga studio is being stupid. If one of the kids was cut from the broken glass, they’d be in trouble. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

    The $40. bottle of cream didn’t cost the yoga studio $40. It cost them about $20. So, worst case scenario is that the yoga studio should charge them $20 and the mommy’s should split it. Doesn’t matter who shoved who as BOTH kids were fighting.

    The mommy’s should have gone to the owner of the yoga studio and asked if it was that important for two regular customers to have to pay for a $20. jar of cream. If she says her business is struggling that much, then the two moms should kick in $10. each and pay for it. The yoga studio shouldn’t be making a profit off the accident, only covering their costs if they’re struggling that much.

  2. Sue says:

    Although I agree that the yoga studio should not have had a fragile display in an area where children are encouraged to play, we do not know that it was a fragile display (only that there were essential oils and lotions on it that were in breakable containers). It is a reception area where you come and go why would children be encouraged to play there. The women were busy gabbing and so are also at fault for not paying attention to what the children were doing.

    I think that they need to go to management and state their case, that they come there twice a week and that maybe the display should not have been there but additionally they need to take responsibility for their children. Have a civilized discussion and try to reconcile this. It really does not matter regarding cost versus retail they have some responsibility in the whole “mess”

  3. C.j. says:

    I blame the parents. Reception area or not both parents should have been watching their kids a bit better. If class was over they could have taken their children by one of their cars if they wanted to chat. A yoga studio isn’t a playground. I love how these parents want to have sour grapes over not watching their children. The $40 bill should be a wake up call.

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