Shopping Victory: It Pays To Ask


I live in Southern California, and everyone is thrilled we are finally getting some much needed rain this week. The unusually wet weather report reminded me that I needed to buy boots for my two boys – pronto.  So, I ran out to a major department store today to see what I could find…

I asked the salesperson where boys’ rain boots would be and she pointed to a display of Hunter brand boots. Now, don’t get me wrong – they are stylish and fabulous.  But at $75 a pair there was no way I was going to buy them for my boys – especially knowing they would grow out of them in no time.  I then noticed that the only rain boots in the boys’ department were the Hunter ones and one other pricey brand.  I just couldn’t believe – even in L.A. – that $75 kids’ boots would be flying off the shelves…

So, as I was on my way out, I stopped and asked the salesperson if she was sure they didn’t have any other more reasonably priced boots? She paused, and then told me that while they didn’t have anything else on display that she did have some others “in the back”.  I was intrigued. A few moments later she appeared with two pairs of blue rain boots – priced at $29 per pair!  I was delighted – and a wee bit annoyed that she hadn’t mentioned them to me in the first place.

As I found out today, it truly does pay to ask.  I didn’t have time to figure out why the lower priced boots were stashed in the back – but I do know from now on if I don’t see what I’m looking for I will be sure to ask.  Apparently you never know what treasures are hiding in the storeroom.  I’m happy to report that I walked out with two pairs of boots for less than it would have cost for one pair of Hunters. Now that’s Fab & Fru!

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One Response to “Shopping Victory: It Pays To Ask”

  1. Sue says:

    Stores like their merchandise that has better margins to be where the public can find them or in this case where the salesperson sends you. Do not be afraid to ask a 2nd time or a 2nd salesperson where something might be located. I have been in Walmart shopping and found what I was looking for in 3 different departments but they were all separate versions of the same item such as different widths, lengths etc. No one department had them all. As I was shopping I heard 2 other sets of customers talking about what they were looking for and I excused myself and let them know I had just seen what they were looking for in another department and where to look. Would a salesperson know? Probably not.

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