The Gift of Giving?


Debby and Dan agreed that they were NOT going to exchange Christmas gifts this year.  The two have been dating for three years, and both of them just launched their own start ups this past spring.  With money tight all around, they opted for a more frugal holiday season. No travel, no gifts – just some quality time together – leaving the stress of their new businesses behind, at least for a couple days…

Cut to last weekend, when Deb stumbled upon the $350 winter coat that Dan has been eying all season – for 40% off.  Without hesitation, she splurged and bought it for her honey – so excited to surprise him Christmas morning. A sweet gesture, right?

That’s what Debby thought until she told her sister Kym – who immediately said NO WAY! Kym thinks if the couple made a promise not give each other gifts, Deb should stick to it – even if she’s not expecting anything in return.  Otherwise, Dan is going to feel awful when Debby gives him her gift, and he’s gotten her nothing.  She’s not being fair. A deal is a deal. Or is it, when it comes to giving from the heart?

What should Deb do?  Return the coat? Surprise Dan anyway Christmas morning? Or give it to him now, outside of the rules and pressures of Christmas?

What would you do? Tell us what you think!


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One Response to “The Gift of Giving?”

  1. Louie says:

    A gift from the heart, as long as you’re not expecting anything in return, is quite appropriate, even if you’ve pledged not to buy each other gifts. Just go for it.

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