Winterize Your Skin Naturally

by Alexandra Pauline – revised January, 2015

Cheap Tricks for Healthy Skin

Is winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin?  Check out these Fab & Fru tips to keep your skin looking great – without buying pricey products!

Moisturize Naturally

Seal in the moisture by applying  plant-based oils like cocoa butter, aloe vera or jojoba on your face and body right when you get out of the shower.  A tiny bit of these affordable oils goes a long way, and will help protect your skin from the elements.  Rub a little on you lips for some moisturizing luster too!

Homemade Masks

There’s nothing better than a cool face mask to refresh your skin.  No need to spend your cash on store bought products- everything you need for an amazing face mask can be found right in your own kitchen!  Celebrity stylist Sherri Jessee said, “A great way to keep dry winter skin at bay is by mixing one egg with Greek yogurt.  After your mixture is made apply it straight to your face and leave it on for five minutes and then rinse and pat your face dry.”

Sweet Exfoliation

To help keep your skin soft and glowing, it’s important to exfoliate your skin once a week.  The sweetest part: good old sugar is an excellent exfoliant!  The rough texture gently scrubs away dry skin and helps clear pores.  To create a sweet smelling scrub, take an equal amount of olive oil, white sugar and brown sugar, and then add 6 drops of vanilla extract.  Massage the mixture right onto your face in gentle circular motions and soak in the beautiful aromas while you exfoliate!

Recycle Your Coffee Grinds

Looking for another deep cleaning face and body scrub that will leave your skin silky soft plus help to lighten rough skin on your elbows?  Concoct your own inexpensive coffee exfoliant!  Just take your morning coffee grinds and mix in a tablespoon of lemon juice.  It’s a little messy when you apply the scrub, but you’ll be shocked at how good your skin looks & feels! (Steph and Brandi SWEAR by this one – one try and you will be hooked…) *This is not a gentle exfoliant and provides a deep cleaning.  If you have sensitive skin, do not use the sugar or coffee method more than once a week.

What are your Fab & Fru secrets to keeping your skin looking and feeling great during the winter months?!

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2 Responses to “Winterize Your Skin Naturally”

  1. Molly says:

    Using sugar or coffee gounds as an exfoliant on the body is okay, but using on the face could end up aging the look of your skin. The irregularly shaped particles have sharp edges that scratch delicate facial skin. Same goes for the peach pit exfoliators.
    The best commercial facial exfoliants use tiny perfectly round balls that can’t scratch or tear skin.

    If you’re into “kitchen cosmetics” try oatmeal that’s been soaked in water a few minutes before using. Not only will the grains exfoliate the skin, but oatmeal is a natural skin calmer which reduces redness. So it’s also perfect to put some oatmeal in bath water to soak in. It’s especially good for those that suffer from eczema or rosacea.

  2. brandi says:

    Oatmeal is a great kitchen recommendation for a gentle exfoliant. Thanks Molly!

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