DMV Dilemma


Our friend Lily is grappling with a DMV dilemma, and we’re not sure what she should do!

Last week, Lily got her car washed – and didn’t realize that along with a lot of dirt, her annual parking pass also got washed off the back of her car! The next morning, she awoke to a $68.00 ticket on her car – for not having a permit.  She went to the DMV to contest it, and explain what happened…

To Lily, the important fact was that she had indeed paid for the permit – a fact verified by the DMV.  But the DMV rejected her argument, saying that she still was in the wrong for not having the permit displayed – even though she didn’t realize it got washed off in the car wash…

Lily then learned if she wanted to further appeal the ticket, she could request an in-person administrative hearing.  This option would require a lot of her time -  she would probably have to set aside an entire day to account for travel time and long waits.  But it’s her last remaining option – and it’s not only the money, but also the principle of the matter which is bothering her!

Lily is trying to figure out if it is worth it to pursue the hearing.  While she certainly doesn’t want to pay the $68, she also feels that her time is valuable and she’s not sure if wasting a day at the DMV is worth it.

So – what would you do?  Fight the ticket? Or pay it and move on?




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2 Responses to “DMV Dilemma”

  1. Sue says:

    Who is responsible for having the permit and making sure it is displayed? Lily is responsible for that and if she did not then she needs to get a ticket and pay for it. Just because she had a car wash does not relieve her from the responsibility. It is the law and appears to be a large issue where she is. Pay the ticket.

  2. Summer says:

    I hate things like this as it “shouldn’t” have happened. But it did. Is Lily’s time worth more than $68? This is not a point on her license. It will not increase her insurance. If it is going to cost her money to fight it…it just isn’t worth it. Take a deep breath. Put on your “I learned my lesson” hat and move on. Stop thinking about it or it will continue to cost you money.

Any Thoughts?