Not About The Money?


After a terrible breakup, Trish’s cousin Lizzie invited her to spend a long weekend of fun and relaxation with her and her husband Mark at their house in upstate New York. In total need of some peace, quiet and a few cocktails, Trish gratefully accepted the invitation.  She and Lizzie had always been close, and Trish couldn’t wait to to spend some QT with her cousin.

Lizzie insisted that Trish not bring anything up to the house with her, but like a good guest, Trish ignored her and brought the fixings for vodka martinis (the cousins’ fave cocktail) along with a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.

The first night of her visit, Mark made a delicious dinner, and Trish made her famous martinis. The cousins laughed and cried over the details of Trish’s breakup – and all the other past breakups they both had gone through…

When Trish woke up hungover late the next morning, Mark had already been to the grocery store, and came home with an attitude. Had the old boyfriend talk been too much for him? Had he and Lizzie had a fight? When Trish tried to ease the tension by making small talk about the dinner menu for that evening, Mark interrupted her by asking her to contribute $40 for her share of the groceries.

As the words left his lips, Lizzie walked into the kitchen and flipped out. She told Mark that Trish was their guest, and she was not to contribute any money! She had already brought enough. Trish immediately offered to pay. Money wasn’t a problem, and she certainly did not want to come between the couple.  But Lizzie dug in her heels, and Mark became even more infuriated. This is when things got awkward…

Trish asked Lizzie what was really going on. Was this all really about money? Lizzie insisted that the weekend was supposed to be about her – not Mark. But by Sunday morning, Trish decided the tension filled house was far from relaxing, and it would be best if she went home.

She hugged Lizzie a warm goodbye, waved a sort of thank you to Mark across the room, and left without leaving a dime.

Clearly Mark’s issue had more to do with Lizzie than Trish, but should Trish have left the money to help try and ease the situation? Or was it best to align with her cousin’s wishes? What would you have done? Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Not About The Money?”

  1. Liz says:

    See this is a great example of a couple who are not communicating. Before you make an invite to someone make it very clear what the Invitation entails.
    Don’t invite someone over when your in the middle of a fight. We can TELL and it’s uncomfortable. And mark was being a jerk

  2. Molly says:

    I agree with Sue. Unless Lizzie and Mark have financial problems – which Trish would have known about – Trish should not feel like she should have contributed. Lizzie told her not to bring anything, and she did bring a pie, plus a bottle of vodka (which would stay there, I’m sure). No one invites a houseguest and expects them to chip in for groceries – unless they’re going through tough times and it’s explained beforehand.
    $40. for groceries seems like a lot – that’s $120. for 3 people to eat dinner at home? What did he buy, caviar?
    In a typical situation, Lizzie would likely offer to take them out to a nice dinner in the near future, or a great brunch on Sunday. Doesn’t sound like Trish is a mooch.

    I think Mark is having issues with Lizzie and taking them out on Trish.

  3. Sue says:

    I agree with Molly. Based on what was initially planned by the women the $40 was uncalled for. She did bring items along even though told not to. Regardless $120 is a lot for a weekends worth of groceries and to have no input on what was purchased is interesting too.

    Sad situation tho, made everyone uncomfortable I am sure.

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