Truffled Deviled Eggs


A Very Fab & Fru Valentine’s Day Treat

You know we’re not fans of eating out on Valentine’s Day – the combination of overpriced food and crowded restaurants is a total turn-off.  Since we’ll be eating in tomorrow night, I wanted to make sure our meal included at least one ingredient purported to be an aphrodisiac – can’t hurt, right?

My go to romantic recipe?  Truffled deviled eggs!  Truffles have long been thought to posses aphrodisiac qualities – and are equally well known for how insanely expensive they are.  When actual truffles are added to recipes, it can easily add hundreds of dollars of expense to a meal’s cost. Not exactly what I had in mind…

The Devil Is In The Details

Our Fab & Fru solution is to use truffle oil instead of truffles.  We bought a $4.99 bottle from Trader Joe’s and it was excellent.  Eggs, of course, are very frugal – we grabbed a dozen for about $2.50 and used cayenne pepper and mayo I already had on hand.  Plus, you only need a tablespoon of oil for this recipe so you have most of the bottle left over for other uses. I cobbled together several recipes I found online to come up with this one I liked the best:


a dozen large, hard boiled eggs (make ahead so you can use them already cooled out of the fridge)

one tablespoon truffle oil

dash of cayenne pepper

one cup mayonnaise

Once you’ve peeled the hard boiled eggs, just slice them length wise and gently push the yolks out – I found using my hands was easier than digging them out with utensils.  Take care not to tear the whites or you’ll be left without a container! Then you just mash all the ingredients up together until they are nice and smooth.  I just used a spoon to scoop the mixture back into the egg white halves, though if you are handy with a pastry shell (or D.I.Y one made out of a plastic bag) go for it! You can sprinkle some paprika or chopped chives on top for extra garnish if you like, or just leave plain.  If not serving immediately, make sure to refrigerate.

Here’s to a devilishly delicious Valentine’s Day!


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