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Meet Nadya Sagner

We recently discovered art consultant Nadya Sagner’s firm, Blue Locket, and are so excited to share it with you.  Blue Locket is dedicated to the idea that everyone can afford beautiful art for their home.  Nadya has a gift for finding beautiful treasures from wallet friendly resources – think Etsy, Ikea, Minted and beyond.  She does the legwork and you enjoy the gorgeous results!


image24The Eye Of The Beholder

We love Nadya’s philosophy that anything can – and should – be art.  She says, “art is a family photograph, a child’s drawing, a vintage postcard. And don’t scorn posters; they can be beautiful or meaningful or just plain fun. Really, if you like it, you should hang it, even if it cost $10.”  We couldn’t agree more! Which brings us to our next tip…

Fab & Fru Framing

As Nadya says, “framing makes anything look better – it elevates and validates.”  She adds that you don’t have to spend a ton on a custom frame – a standard size frame from Target can easily do the trick.  Years ago, I bought a beautiful page from a vintage book in a thrift store – for $1.  I decided to frame it, and am happy to say that 20 years later, my $1 piece of artwork is still one of my favorites!

Reasonable rates, ravishing resultsimage16

Nadya charges an hourly rate of $75 – and unlike most designers and decorators, she takes no commission.  In other words, there are no hidden costs or mark-ups based on what you buy.

Nadya is based in the Washington D.C. area, but thanks to Skype and email she works with clients all over the country.  In addition to finding the perfect artwork for you, she can also arrange for framing, hanging and any other finishing touches you may need.

Interested in hearing more?  All of Nadya’s contact info is on her website – and we also highly recommend checking out her blog for further inspiration.  Here’s to more art in all of our lives!
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