The Great Babysitter Debate


Our friend Hilary has a great babysitter named Kelly.  She’s used Kelly for almost a year now and her twins adore her! Plus, she’s very flexible and can usually come babysit at the last minute…

A couple months ago, Hilary’s friend Jackie was in a pinch – her sitter canceled and she was desperate to find a replacement. In a panic, she called Hillary and asked if she could call Kelly.  Hilary was happy to help her friend out and gave her Kelly’s info…

Fast forward a few weeks and Hillary calls Kelly to babysit on short notice – but it turns out she can’t because she’s already been booked by Jackie! Hil can’t believe that Jackie called Kelly again – she thought it was understood that Kelly was just a one time, emergency fill-in for her.  Accordingly to Hilary, there is an “unspoken rule” among moms that you never move in on someones else’s sitter!

Now Hilary isn’t sure what to do.  Some of our friends think she should talk to Jackie and tell her upfront that what she is doing is wrong.  But other friends think it is unreasonable for Hil to expect Kelly to turn down work and always keep her schedule open just in case Hilary needs her.

So – what  do you think? Does Hil have a right to be annoyed about Jackie moving in on her “last minute” sitter?  Or is Hilary being unreasonable? Should she talk to Jackie or Kelly about it – or neither? What would you do?

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One Response to “The Great Babysitter Debate”

  1. Summer says:

    Hilary needs to get over herself. Unless she has booked a “regular” schedule with Kelly, then Kelly is free to work for whoever calls her OR schedule a date, vacation, party or whatever may interest her.

    It is quite two-year-old to say “It’s mine, even if I don’t need it” And from Kelly’s perspective, who knows what she may be using her money for, but to lose out on a nights income because Jackie is prohibited from calling her on a night Hilary doesn’t need her is rude.

    I have children who are 20 and 16 and my friends and I always drew from the same pool of sitters. There is no such rule that I am aware of. Ridiculous.

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