Pitching In For A Group Gift

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Our friend Kate recently organized thank you gifts for the coaches of her son’s Little League team.  Kate offered to go buy gift cards, and the other parents agreed to each contribute $10, payable to Kate at the last game of the season.

The problem? The day of the final game, only 4 of the families gave Kate money!  Several parents said they forgot to bring cash, and others neglected to mention it all together – even after the gifts were presented to the coaches.

It’s been a week and Kate has not heard a peep from any of the non-contributors.  She feels petty asking for $10 – but it really adds up when it is $10 from 7 families! Not to mention the time and energy she spent buying the gifts…

Now Kate isn’t sure what to do – should she send an email asking the parents to mail her ten bucks?  Or just suck it up and forget about it – and remember not to organize again in the future!

What would you do? What could Kate have done differently? And why is it so hard for all these parents to remember to pitch in for their hard working baseball coaches?

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2 Responses to “Pitching In For A Group Gift”

  1. SA says:

    I think she should suck it up. There’s a lesson learned here. We do these kinds of things at my daughters’ school. Payment is always collected in advance and the gift is chosen based on the amount paid beforehand. Gifts are never bought before payments are received for this exact reason. People get busy and they do forget. Others just make excuses or lie, and while that’s shameful, it is life. I don’t think she’d get anywhere with an email; it would probably be deleted. I feel for her, as she tried to do something nice and offered her time, effort and now money, but I’m sure she knows how she’d do it differently next time.

    • SA says:

      I should also mention that sometimes people simply can’t afford even a small amount and are embarrassed, which is another reason to collect beforehand and base the gift on the amount received. People give what they can give and you buy the gift based on what you have in hand, not what someone may have promised or agreed to under pressure. Gifts are voluntary, not mandatory. No one should have to feel like they must contribute. Buying a gift beforehand puts additional pressure on those whose finances may have changed from the time they agreed to contribute.

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