Redefine Your Garden With Color

Want to give your garden an affordable mini makeover? Grab a paint brush and pick your favorite color. These tips will transform your outdoor space in minutes!


Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Spice up your cabinets this winter and create handmade gifts by drying your own fresh organic herbs!


April Gardening Tips

Want a fabulous garden this year, but don’t want to overspend just to kill it off by mid season? Start preparing now to help ensure a beautiful success all summer long!


March Garden Prep

Check out our Fab & Fru early spring gardening tips, and start beautifying your outdoor space now!


Recession Gardening

Put The Green Back In Your Pocket

Whether you have a big backyard or live in a studio apartment, everyone can try their hand at “Recession Gardening”! Whether you do it to reduce your grocery bills or because you want a greener lifestyle gardening is totally Fab & Fru!